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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

About Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Boasting over 70 years of operation, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a Queensland Heritage-listed zoological garden renowned globally for its prolific flocks of free-flying wild rainbow lorikeets. Guests have the unique opportunity to marvel at these beautiful birds not only in their natural environment but while they feed off the specially prepared mixture provided by sanctuary staff.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, a heritage-listed zoological garden and world-famous for its hordes of rainbow lorikeets visiting twice daily to be fed from the special mixture on offer. The park also offers an array of events, encounters and attractions like dingo experiences and free flight bird shows with feeding opportunities for visitors’ chance interactions with its massive saltwater crocodile. Furthermore, behind the scenes lies a sophisticated veterinary hospital dedicated towards conservation policies that were initially established by Alex Griffiths in 1947 when his flower plantations were threatened due to local lorikeet population overgrowth.

Wildlife Santuary

What to do at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit when on Australia’s Gold Coast! With so much to explore – from the bird show with its stunning display of native birds swooping low over crowds to the vast kangaroo and wallaby enclosure where visitors can get up close and personal with these friendly marsupials. Enjoy all that this wondrous park has in one day, or stretch it out into two if you are eager for even more adventure. You won’t be disappointed no matter what option you choose!

From the open layout to its unique train ride, this zoo provided a wild and wonderful experience that left visitors feeling like esteemed guests. With plenty of exciting exhibits—including walk-up options for wombats and kangaroos—it’s clear why it takes an estimated 2-3 hours to explore all the park has to offer. And while we can’t forget about that unforgettable koala photo op!

Currumbin Wildlife Santuary

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